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For use by armed forces

With troops being deployed throughout the world, the need for portable and sterile toilets is essential. The Paulee CleanTec system provides the perfect solution, since it can be used in any environment and doesn’t need any special installation.

• No requirement for an independent water or electricity supply
• It does not need to be connected to the sewage system
• It is self contained, so there is no waste output to pollute the environment
• Requires almost zero maintenance
• It is a cheap & extremely durable
• The process works without leaving an unpleasant odor


Developing world sanitation

Paulee Cleantec is developing a waste-treatment system for toilet cabinet that will be an efficient, cost-effective, on-site sewage-treatment solution for use in areas where no swags system exists or where access to fresh water is sporadic.
The proposed toilet system is water-free, which means that the water in the solid waste is recovered and the water in the urine is sterilized and recovered for flushing the toilet. On top of that, the system utilizes the PCT formula to sterilize the waste and turn it into safe organo-mineral fertilizer, free of bad odor and pathogens.