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How it all started

Dogs application

The ashpoopie (Prototype Only Coming soon)

The Ashpoopie brings the joy back into walking your pet! 

The AshPooPie is a lightweight device which mechanically picks up dog poop, placing it into a clean, sterile compartment and with the click of a single button releases a cartridge that sets into motion a chemical process which turns your dog poop into a non-toxic fertile powder in under a minute.


• Easy to handle
• Lightweight
• Low cost
• Turns toxic waste into highly nutritious fertilizer
• Eco-friendly


• No more bending over
• No more picking up squishy poop
• No more walking around with a smelly poop filled plastic bag
• No more environmental damage caused by millions of bags
  produced yearly for the purpose of waste disposal 

CATS application

The combox (Prototype Only Coming soon)

In the Combox cat litter is scooped into a dedicated compartment, and with the press of a single button a cartridge is released which initiates a chemical process which turns the waste into non-toxic ash. This ash can be recycled into the soil and used as a highly nutritious fertilizer.
The process is quick, safe and odorless and signigicantly reduces the risk of diseases associated with parasites found in cat feces.


• Easy to use
• Odourless
• Low cost
• Eco-friendly


The perfect answer for the disposal of animal in zoos, kennels, catteries, pet shelters.

In many parks and open areas, the organic waste from ducks, geese and other animals, poses a potential health risk as well as leaving an unsightly mess on the ground.